10-year-old artist uses her talent for charity

When you have a natural talent and you work hard to maintain it, amazing things can happen. The sky is really the limit. Many times, so many good things sprout out from it that your mind is blown. That’s just what happened for one 10-year-old from England and her family.

Daisy Watt always had a love for painting, but she never realized how talented she really was.

When she was 6-years-old, Daisy’s grandparents were both diagnosed with cancer. That’s a tough pill for any kid to swallow. While Daisy may have been sad, she was able to use her emotions to paint a one-of-a-kind painting. She wanted to cheer her grandparents up.

That’s when her parents realized they had a budding artist in the house.

Daisy’s mom realized her daughter’s talent and asked if she wanted to paint another picture. This painting would be placed in a local art gallery and auctioned off for charity. Daisy proved she was up to the challenge and quickly got to work.

Her painting may have been titled “Forget-Me-Nots”, but no one was forgetting anything about this painting.

The colors were an array of light yellows and dark blues meant to symbolize people’s battle with cancer. The painting sold for £9,500 which equals a little over $11,000! Daisy’s contributions didn’t stop there. The painting became so popular that she printed 100 special edition prints. They were commissioned and sold to people everywhere from Canada to Hong Kong.

Daisy’s paintings continued to bring in money that has been donated to charity. In 2017, she raised £50,000 which is the equivalent to $65,000! Her paintings always feature flowers

In an interview, Daisy shared her excitement saying,

“It’s cool because I’ve never been to them places but they have the pictures up”.

As you can imagine, Daisy’s mother is extremely proud of her.

She is not only happy to see her daughter’s love for art continue to bloom, but she’s also happy to see that she’s able to use her talent to help so many charities.

In an interview, her mother said,

“Although she’s always been really creative, ever since she could hold a paintbrush, it wasn’t until she created that painting for her grandparents that we realized she had something special.”

It is truly amazing that a child can bring paintings to auction that bring in so much money and can help so many people. One of her pieces of art work is even featured on the thank-you cards from Cancer Research that go to families whose loved ones make legacy donations.

In between her painting and fundraising, Daisy still finds time to be a kid.

Besides painting in the garden, she also loves to jump on the trampoline. That’s something that’s definitely fun for kids!

Daisy shows no signs of stopping. She continues on her artistic journey and is sharing it with the world. You can see her creations on her art page on Facebook Daisy Watt Art. She’s constantly creating and showing off her talents!

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