Dentist shoots wife to be with lover

The fact that the man quickly took his wife’s body for cremation made her friends feel skeptical.
Fateful trip

Recently, 67-year-old dentist Lawrence “Larry” Rudolph of Pennsylvania, USA, was accused of killing his wife during a hunting trip in 2016. The victim was Bianca Rudolph, who was murdered at the age of 34.

According to court records, Lawrence, who runs a multimillion-dollar chain of dental clinics, and his wife are both good hunters. Almost 6 years ago, Lawrence invited his wife to travel to Africa. On this trip, the two went to Zambia to hunt in Kafue National Park.

According to Lawrence’s testimony, on Oct. 11, 2016, the last day of their hunting trip, he was in the bathroom while his wife packed up her things and prepared to return to the United States. Suddenly, Lawrence heard a gunshot and rushed out and saw his wife lying face down on the floor with a gunshot wound to the heart.

Lawrence insisted his wife’s death was an accident. Bianca accidentally touched the trigger and unfortunately shot herself while packing the shotgun.

At the time, Zambian police ruled Bianca’s death an accident. Lawrence then quickly took his wife’s body for cremation in Zambia. This made some of Bianca’s friends feel skeptical.

Dubious husband

Realizing something was wrong, Bianca’s friends immediately sent a complaint to the FBI stating that Lawrence had a mistress and before going to Zambia, the couple argued over money. Lawrence said many words that seriously insulted his wife.

The forensic examination later found that the size of the gunshot wound on Bianca’s body had to be made from a distance of at least 60cm – 106cm from the muzzle of the gun, which could not have been an accidental shot at close range. In addition, witnesses heard Lawrence during an argument with his mistress shouting that he had killed his wife for her.

At his July 2022 trial, prosecutors accused Lawrence of killing his wife because of financial conflicts, along with asking her husband to fire her mistress, who also manages Lawrence’s Pittsburgh-area dental clinic.

Prosecutors also accused Lawrence’s mistress Lori Milliron of lying about her relationship with Lawrence and some information related to the case.

Although Lawrence upheld his original testimony, the jury ultimately sided with prosecutors, arguing that Lawrence killed his wife in order to misappropriate life insurance money to start a new life with his mistress. After the death of his wife, the man collected $4.8 million in life insurance.

After a three-week trial, Lawrence was convicted of murder, perjury and fraud and faced life in prison. Mistress Lori Milliron was also found guilty, obstruction of jury and 2 counts of perjury before a jury for lying about the case and her relationship with Lawrence. A final ruling will be made by the court in the near future.

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