Hello Kitty Murder: The Horrifying Torture of 23-Year-Old Fan Man Yee

The prosecutor in the murder case of Fan Yee described the case as the most disgusting murder case in his opening statement.

Fan Man Yee, a nightclub hostess, was abducted, tortured, and killed in a Hong Kong apartment in 1999 after stealing a wallet from one of her frequent customers. The monsters went on to dismember her body, boil it, and stuff the head into a Hello Kitty doll cushion, earning the moniker Hello Kitty Murder.

What led to the Hello Kitty Murder?

In 1997, Fan Man Yee, a 23-year-old nightclub hostess, met Chan Man-lok, a 34-year-old man who was a regular at the nightclub and Fan Yee was his favorite hostess. They met in a nightclub and quickly realized they had something in common.

Fan Yee was a drug addict and prostitute, and Chan was a pimp and drug dealer. When Fan Yee stole his wallet one night, Chan demanded that she return the money and some additional fees. However, she returned the money immediately but needed more time to arrange for the additional fee.

This angered Chan Man, who kidnapped Fan Man Yee with the help of Leung Shing-cho, Leung Wai Lun, and Chan Man’s 14-year-old girlfriend, Ah Fong. She was taken to an apartment and held for a month. Initially, Chan Man intended to profit from Fan Man Yee by providing her as a prostitute to others.



As if prostituting Fan Yee wasn’t bad enough, they started torturing her, raping her, burning her skin, and forcing her to eat human feces for more than a month. According to Ah Fong, they kicked her head around 50 times, which she also joined in. They added spices to her wounds, and burned her with candle wax, and hot plastics.

Worst of all, she was forced to smile and say she enjoyed the beating, and if she refused, she was subjected to even more brutal treatment.

Hello Kitty Murder case

Fan Yee, 23, succumbed to her wounds after a month of imprisonment and torture and died while her captors were out with drug addiction. They discovered her body in the bathroom they had locked her in. They dismembered her body in the bathtub and began dismantling the pieces.

After all of the flesh had been removed, they swen her head into a Hello Kitty mermaid doll and hid various body parts in different places. They also decorated the apartment with the Hello Kitty doll for some strange reason.

The investigation and trial of Fan Yee

No one seemed to report anything about Fan Yee for a month, from the time she was kidnapped to the time she died. It wasn’t until 14-year-old Ah Fong walked into the police station and said she was having nightmares about the woman she helped murder, that’s when the outside world learned about her.

Police arrested Chan Man and his two accomplices, they built a damning case with a significant amount of physical evidence.

Unfortunately, the examiners were unable to determine the exact cause of Fan Yee’s death because her remains were in such a bad state. The jury decided that the remains were insufficient to determine whether Fan Yee was murdered or died in some other manner.

Justice Peter Nguyen who has the trio in prison stated:

“Never throughout the years in Hong Kong has a court heard such cruelty, depravity, callousness, brutality, violence, and viciousness, perpetrated by a human being, or human beings, on another human being. Even an animal would not have been maltreated in the same way as that received by the deceased.”



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