Timothy Evans: An Innocent Man Hanged for Murder he did not Commit

He was known for his tall tales, grandiose stories focused on his heroics. They undermined him when he tried to defend himself on the charge of murdering his baby.

Timothy Evans

Timothy Evans: the move to London

In 1939, he moved with his Mam to London, and watched as German bombers pounded the city to rubble. In the desperate housing shortage that followed the war, they were grateful to find a home in Notting Hill, insalubrious though the neighbourhood was.

Timothy Evans escorted by detectives off the train at London’s Paddington station

Timothy and Beryl Evans, posing with their daughter Geraldine, and Beryl’s sister

Timothy Evans: Doubts arise

Timothy Evans’ second confession: his neighbour in the downstairs flat, John Christie, had offered to abort the foetus (abortion was illegal at the time). The morning of November 8th, Timothy Evans had gone to work, leaving Beryl in his neighbour’s “capable” hands. That evening, he returned home to be told Beryl was dead. His neighbour had promised to dispose of the body down the manhole, and find a couple to adopt Geraldine. He said it would be best if Evans got out of London in the meantime.

Timothy Evans: evidence suppressed

Timothy Evans: the murders revisited

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