The Murder of Jose Reyes Ramos


Jose Reyes Ramos was born in Honduras in 1984. He was the oldest child, and had 2 brothers and a sister. Jose’s father left when he was young, so he helped his mom raise his younger siblings.

In 2008, Jose moved to Chicago, Illinois, to live with his brother, Jorge, and work in construction. Jose was hardworking and responsible, and eventually started his own business remodeling apartments. Jose and Jorge both worked hard and sent their money back to their family in Honduras.

Jose Reyes Ramos

The Disappearance

In May 2013, Jorge went to the Chicago police department to report Jose missing. Jorge said he hadn’t heard from Jose since May 21, 2013. Jorge also showed the police the last text message he had received from his brother on May 21. It said, “muerte,” which is the Spanish word for death.

The police looked into both Jose and Jorge’s backgrounds. They learned that Jorge had dated a woman named Daisy Gutierrez. Daisy was a single mother of two, and had dropped out of school due to her pregnancy. Daisy was living with her parents, who helped with the kids.

Jorge and Daisy were inseparable when they first met. They had a child together, but their relationship didn’t last. (Some reports say that they had two children together). Jose was a doting uncle, and was often around Daisy’s other kids. Jose acted as the mediator after Jorge and Daisy broke up because the relationship didn’t end on good terms.

A BOLO (be on the lookout) was put out for Jose. They checked at his job, with his family in the U.S. and Honduras, and checked the airports. Jose was nowhere to be found, and hadn’t been heard from since May 21. Jose also didn’t have a car, and relied on public transportation.

A Possible Love Triangle

On June 7, 2013, the police obtained Jose’s phone records. The last activity on Jose’s phone was May 21. It had pinged near the home of Daisy’s parents.

Jose’s records revealed that he and Daisy were in frequent contact, whether it was phone calls or flirty text messages.

Jorge was interviewed by the police. They thought that maybe Jorge was jealous of his brother being with Daisy. Jorge said he and Daisy didn’t have much communication because their relationship ended so badly. Jorge did tell the police that Daisy told him that Jose was in love with her and wanted to be a surrogate father.

The police were eventually able to rule Jorge out as a suspect. Jorge was genuinely upset and concerned for Jose. His story never changed from the last time he had heard from his brother. He also seemed to be completely over Daisy.

The Search for Daisy

The police went to the home where Daisy had been living with her parents. They were greeted by Daisy’s mom who was watching her kids. Daisy’s mom seemed annoyed by the fact that Daisy had left her kids there, and hadn’t reached out to anyone. The police asked her to reach out to Daisy or they would be back to check if she came back.

On August 3, Daisy contacted the police, and spoke to Detective Hector Matias. Daisy said she had moved to New Jersey to be with her new boyfriend, Milton Miranda, 22.

Det. Matias asked Daisy if she knew where Jose was. Daisy said no, she hadn’t seen him in months. The police obviously knew that Jose’s phone had last pinged near her parent’s house, but they didn’t tell her that.

Daisy was asked if Milton had been in Chicago in May, but she said no. This was another lie, as the police had found two purchased bus tickets from New Jersey to Chicago. The tickets were bought just days after Jose disappeared.

On August 10, Daisy again called Det. Matias, and said she could meet as she was back in town. While they were talking, Daisy asked if they could take a walk.

Daisy then admitted that Jose had been with her on May 21. She said they went for a walk, and were abducted by 4 unknown men. Daisy said the men put hoods over them, put them in a car, and drove them to a wooded preserve on the southwest side of Chicago.

Daisy said that Jose was killed and dismembered right in front of her. She said they put his body in bags and buried him in a forest. Daisy said she was able to get away, and that the men told them they were from a gang that ran in Central America.

The police sent a group of detectives and search dogs out to the forest where Daisy claimed the gang had buried Jose. Nothing was found.

Daisy’s New Story

On October 4, Daisy reached out to Det. Matias again. She said she had lied about the gang story.

Daisy and Milton had broken up, and she was angry with him. Daisy said she had invited Milton to go to Chicago with her in May. Milton had become angry and jealous because Jose was texting her. Daisy told Milton that she loved him, not Jose, and would prove it to him.

Daisy said she invited Jose over to her parent’s home on May 21. Daisy said she thought Milton was just going to beat Jose up, not kill him. When Jose arrived, Daisy took him to her bedroom, and tried to entice him. Milton then came out of his hiding place in the closet, and started beating Jose with a metal pipe. Daisy said Milton grabbed a knife and also stabbed Jose.

Daisy said she had lied about the gang story because she was afraid.

A Family Affair

The police knew that Daisy was more culpable than she was letting on, and they confronted her.

Daisy finally said she had to kill Jose to get him out of her life, and knew that Milton would kill him. Daisy said after Milton beat and stabbed Jose, the bed was covered in blood.

Daisy said her family came home. She asked her dad, Salvador Gutierrez, to help dispose of Jose’s body.

Daisy’s mom had recently dug an area of the yard for a garden. Daisy said Milton and Salvador dismembered Jose’s body, and buried him in the yard. Then, they got rid of the bloody mattress, and Salvador bought them tickets to New Jersey. Daisy said her dad kicked her out of the house, and told them to never come back.

Daisy said she came back to Chicago after Milton broke up with her. She said she was angry at him, and wanted to blame everything on him.

The Arrests

On October 4, the police and crime scene team recovered Jose’s remains in the garden.

A crime scene team found blood drops on the blinds, windowsill and in the air vent in Daisy’s bedroom. They also collected several tools that had been used to dismember Jose’s body.

Salvador Gutierrez was arrested and charged with concealing a homicidal death. He claimed that he was afraid of Milton and his gang connections. He said Daisy had shown him Jose’s body on May 21. Salvador was led to believe that Jose had been harassing Daisy. After they disposed of Jose’s body, he kicked his daughter and her boyfriend out, and bought them tickets to New Jersey.

The Chicago police contacted the New Jersey police. They knew that Milton was in the country illegally, and thought he might try to flee. Milton was arrested in New Jersey, and charged with first degree murder and concealing a homicidal death. Daisy was also charged with first degree murder and concealing a homicidal death.

The Convictions

The police believed Daisy’s motive was to get back at Jorge, her ex, and Jose’s brother. They also believed she wanted to prove herself to Milton.

Daisy pled guilty to dismembering a body, and agreed to testify against Milton. She was sentenced to 16 years in prison.

Milton had received word that Daisy would be testifying against him. Milton had confessed to murdering Jose, and had bragged that he had learned to dismember someone from being part of a gang. Milton was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Salvador was the only one who went to trial. His motive was to protect Daisy, as she had told him that Jose was harassing her. He was found guilty of dismembering a body. He was sentenced to 20 years.

The police aren’t sure who was actually the one who had sent the ‘muerte’ text to Jorge. Some believe it was actually Jose, but some believe it was either Daisy or Milton as one last taunt to Jorge.

Salvador and Daisy Gutierrez



These sentences are complete bullshit. I believe Milton and Daisy should be in prison for life. Salvador is maybe the only one I can see getting a lighter sentence, but he only served 8 years for dismembering the body of a human being. Daisy only served 8 years as well. She’s a compulsive liar, and she’s manipulative. Jose and his family didn’t get any justice in my opinion. My heart breaks for his family.

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