NASA has calculated the day when all life on Earth will cease to exist – How the Earth End?

NASA’s large-scale computer simulations have shown how much time mankind has to locate a new planet to dwell.

According to scientists, mankind will never feel entirely safe, and we will need to move quickly to rescue the entire civilization from extinction. Otherwise, everything will be destroyed by the Sun.

Scientists have been trying to figure out when the world’s atmosphere will be destroyed by solar radiation. At the same time, a variety of events might cause the date to vary, therefore scientists use computer simulations to cover all conceivable possibilities.

They point out that while certain assumptions may have little to do with reality, it is critical for science to investigate all possibilities.

Experts can speak about precise measurements because the computer model has been performed over 400 times. Deoxygenation will almost certainly result from solar activity. This procedure will take 1,000,002,021 years to complete.

These phrases will undoubtedly change over the course of human history, as the effect on the environment continues to grow.

Experts are unanimous: humans urgently need to find a new planet for existence, and we have a billion years to do it. Scientists are optimistic that a solution will be discovered.

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