A tearful story about the fate of an unhappy old dog

Sherkhan fought bravely like a true warrior, thank you for coming to my life.

Rest in peace Sherkhan

A YouTuber user posted:”This beautiful dog will never be forgotten or loved by our community here on YouTube. You gave him comfort and love in his final days you are an angel. I did the same for a blind old cat, know how painful it is. All my love to both of you, Luli”

A commenter said:”I’m happy that you were there to care for him in his end here. It’s such a shame how people treat their animals. He was such a beautiful baby.. even with his sad face … that just made him even more lovable… R.I.P. lil boy”

Another said:”Heartless owner indeed. How would he or she feels being abandoned too when old and sick and their family sees them as a nuisance too. God sees and God knows everything.
Thank you for rescuing our lovely furry friend, loving him to the end. He knows the great care and love given to him. God bless all the animal rescuers and medical team”

Watch the video below:

Rescuer: Liza
Support at Paypal: [email protected]

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