Abandoned old dog waited for his owner hopelessly by the roadside and had an accident

Fedya is an old dog, he has a rough coat and often stands on the side of the road. You will be moved to learn about his life story and what he went through.

But the important thing is, in the last months, he had a happy family. He is protected, loved and cared for by the people he loves.

One wrote on YouTube:”He will never really be happy again you can see it in his eyes, but thank you for doing your best to make sure he lives out the rest of his life with love.”

Another commented:”Poor baby, he doesn’t understand that the people he loved are never coming back. I will never understand how anyone can just dump their dogs like trash! Especially an old dog who deserves our best when they are old… it’s heartbreaking! 💔 God Bless you for rescuing him and giving him a new life where he will be loved cared for and protected.”

A YouTuber user said:”I wish I could say that I saw this dog really happy, but it’s obvious that she was alone, afraid, in pain, possibly cold &/or hot…. for too long.
Those that are capable of turning their backs on a dog, a cat, really don’t know that these creatures are much like US, except for the spoken word. They hurt like us, fear like us and sadness can kill their spirit for good, just like us.
If you can’t take care of your animal, bring to a no-kill shelter, please!
I’m seeing this just before bed… I had hoped not to cry tonight, I cry enough without these videos, I’m gonna need to avoid them all.”

Watch the video below:

👉 Rescuer: katya_1990088
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