After being rescued, his life story broke our hearts and fragile hopes

Laifusha and his life will surprise you with a dog whose will to fight for his life.
We found him on the street and helped him, through the long journey we had glimmers of hope for a better future for him and we are fighting for him a better future.
We believe that love will make miracles

👉 Rescuer: Olga
🤝 Support at Sberbank: 5469 3800 1332 1285

A man commented: “Even with his legs disabled, it’s good to see Laifusha keeping his spirits high! Also, love to see him so energetic on his wheelchair!”

Another said :”What a brave boy he is,look at his eyes,such trust in his rescuers.Hope and pray that a miracle happens.God bless you all for all that you are doing for this wonderful fur baby.”

Watch the video below:

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