After learning the puppy was sick, the owner left her on a deserted way in fear.

Mickey is a two-month-old puppy found on a deserted street.

Miracles always come to those who put in the effort and don’t give up and that was it for her.

With love, she was able to walk normally like other dogs and live a happy life.

A YouTuber user posted:”Shame on the former owner abandoning this precious baby.
God sees and God will take care of evil.
This precious little one has a new family that will treat her right and will love her.
She doesn’t have to be afraid anymore.
Thank You Hero’s.”

A commenter said:”Every time I come to your site I am absolutely AMAZED at what you do. I know I keep on saying you are such a good person, but I think it goes way beyond that. You are much more than a one in a billion kind of person. Kudos to you my friend – all the kudos I can muster….”

Another said:”That’s so messed up. I’ve had rescues volunteered many years. Have had dogs get heart problems, cancer lots of bad stuff. Owning a dog is rewarding, caring for a dog can be emotional. I’d never leave my dogs even if they’re sick. You have friends and family, they only have you 💔 Also that’s a beautiful dog. How anybody could have a cold heart amazes me”

Watch the video below:

👉 Rescuer: Irina and Alla
🤝 Support at:

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She cried because for the first time in her life she was loved and cared for

All her life of loyalty, she had to sleep in the cold street with pain and loneliness