All her life of loyalty, she had to sleep in the cold street with pain and loneliness

The story of this girl will give us inspiration about the love of life and the will to overcome all difficulties.

Fonda was found on the street in poor condition, but our efforts led her to a new and better life with her new owner, who loved and cared for her.

At the end of the video, you will smile happily seeing the miraculous transformation of this wonderful girl.

One said:”Such a wonderful story about Fonda and the woman who saved her. I think Fonda was thanking you when you said goodbye. What a sweetheart. It was wonderful to see her rolling around in the grass and playing with the other dogs. Who knows how long she suffered but those memories are gone now. Happy life sweet Fonda.”

A woman wrote:”Lots of love for this precious, thank you for saving Fonda, she shouldn’t of had to go through this alone out there, now she smiles and happy that’s how All God’s animals should be, enjoy your new life precious, good luck🍀to you, many blessings🌟 for saving her!! USA!!”

Another replied:”So heartbreaking! Poor old girl! She certainly didn’t deserve to be dumped and not taken care of.
Thank goodness you found out about her and could give her a better life in her elderly years.
Thank you for getting her medical help and lots of love! She’s such a sweet dog!
I am happy she has a loving forever home! She deserves to be happy!”

Watch the video below:

👉 Rescuer: Tasya Kulikova
🤝 Support at: Sber bank – 4081 7810 9660 0383 9924

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