Brave mom wants to spread word about the danger of car seat after losing her daughter

Little Mia Smith was the precious jewel of Lisa and Chad Smith. This Louisiana based family had their whole world turned upside down in a heartbeat.

An accident with a car seat left little Mia struggling to breathe and a few days later, she tragically passed.

It could have all been avoided. But this was something most people take for granted.

Little Mia meant the world to her parents

Mia was in daycare when her babysitter put her down in her car seat so she could take a nap. Her babysitter stepped out for a doctor’s appointment.

When she returned, little Mia wasn’t breathing. A 911 call later and Mia was rushed to the hospital. The prognosis was positional asphyxia. It’s what happens when a person’s breathing is restricted by their position. Chad and Lisa found out only after police officers told them.

This angel always had her wings

A common misconception is that car seats are perfectly fine to hold a child. Even letting them sleep in it. Not so.

These seats are designed to be used on a base. They are fixed in such a way to secure a child down in the event of an accident. But not for kids to be left in or worse, sleep in.

Mia’s babysitter, Valerie Wackerly, 32, pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter. Lisa Smith knew there was no malicious intent but a series of wrong decisions led to this tragedy.

Mia’s babysitter pleaded guilty

It could have all been prevented. Lisa now uses this tragic event to warn people about using car seats and taking care of their children.

And if you ask around, it would seem like most people do not know about this. Hence why Mia’s mom shares her story as often as she can. That takes an amazing amount of strength.

Chad and Lisa Smith warn others about the dangers of car seats

Lisa doesn’t want anyone else to feel the pain she did when losing little Mia. She was their first born and an angel who lit up their lives.

This little princess did not deserve to have her life taken from her at such a young age. And all because of an error in judgement.

Mia’s memory lives on

Wackerly was sentenced to 3 years of probation. Several people in the courtroom cried as Lisa testified with a picture of a smiling Mia on a purple shirt.

The judge also ordered Wackerly to record a public service announcement to be played weekly for 3 years on a radio station warning parents about letting their child sleep in car seats.

She can no longer provide daycare services. Lisa Smith showed compassion however, by asking prosecutors to charge her with a crime while avoiding a prison sentence. What an amazing woman.

Amelia’s brothers will have their sister watching over them

“This should never happen to any family.”

Lisa and husband Chad are now raising two boys. Perhaps a gift from little Mia who will always be with them.

Click on the video below to learn more about Lisa’s story.

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