Brave officers risk their lives for horse stuck in barn fire

Theres nothing that gets the adrenaline going quite like a fire. Fire fighters and first responders are well trained in their reactions to emergencies and they can handle themselves and others well when it comes to stressful situations.

When officers Matthew Reiss and Kristian Hanus answered the call to a barn on fire at Red Wing Farm in Pennsylvania, they truly didn’t know what they were in for and when they got there. The scene was chaos. Luckily for viewers, you can watch the whole scene unfold thanks to one of the police officers body cams.

Running onto the scene they asked if any one was still inside, the barn ablaze in front of them. One woman at the scene shouted to the officers that there was no one inside, except a terrified horse frozen in place with fear. Without hesitation the officers Reiss and Hanus ran into the barn to see what they could do about the situation.

Though there were no people inside, a life is a life and they were going to save that horse.

When they saw the situation inside the barn they knew this was going to take a lot of teamwork to get the animal to safety. The two officers started yelling the at the horse to get it to move, and were joined by a fearless farm hand still in the barn. With sheer manpower, rope and a lot of hope, the two officers were able to get the horse to safety outside of the burning barn.

The video is a blur of people, fire, and yelling, but towards the end we see the horse run out its stall in the burning barn. Not far behind are the officers running up the hill and out of the way of the flames, both amazed at what they just accomplished.

No one suffered any serious injuries. Reiss and Hanus had very minor injuries and eight people on the farm needed medical attention, but overall the only devastation was the barn, that unfortunately couldn’t be saved or salvaged.

A barn fire can be devastating and scary, but this farm was lucky that the only thing lost was a building. Things could have been a lot worse if the officers hadn’t shown up and helped clear the area. To this farm, these cops are true heroes, saving one important family member. This is one lucky horse that gets to walk another day thanks to these brave officers.

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