Cancer dog lies crying in the park after being abandoned after years of loyalty

Fleka was found by me in the park, at that time the weather was hot and I was surprised to see a dog lying there, I fed her and got to know her, then I gradually understood life. she.

The difficulties and challenges we overcame to give her a better life, a healthy and happy life, where I and her friends are.

One said:”Thank you for your kindness, selflessness and compassion for this animal in need!! The depravity and sadism within a human never ceases to amaze me. God bless you, and this sweet soul, your deeds and love are devine.”

A woman wrote:”what an absolute hero, i would literally give my life to save yours because right now the world needs people like you, IF YOU HAVE A PET GET INSURANCE AND MAKE SURE ITS GOOD INSURANCE THAT YOU DONT HAVE TO PAY UP FRONT TALK TO YOUR VET”

Another said:”What a wonderful courageous person you are for helping her.she looks so happy in the video especially after she recieved care and love and most important her forever home.that picture in the video laying on her bed, showing how beautiful her eyes are..she really looks good in yellow.bless you are that beautiful animal.”

Watch the video below:

👉 Rescuer: Evgenia
🤝 Support at PayPal: [email protected]

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