Disabled dog digged nest and away from humans after trauma.

Maresev after the accident dug his nest and kept away from humans, he lost faith in humans.

He always hides from the crowd and his eyes are strange when he looks at us.

Does his past have bad things?

One commented:”Thank to all involved in the rescue, and those who performed the surgery. To the family who adopted this beautiful gentle dog , god bless you for giving him a home, new friends and most of all love.”

A YouTuber user commented:”How wonderful to see him get around and that you have restored his faith that he will not be hurt and that he is safe . I know the feeling well I have a paraplegic 13 year old dog. She has been my buddy and friend for all this time and I will care for her until she passes. I bathe,take her feed and water to her and massage her hind legs. She is in the living room where she can know what is going on, she is not isolated from us. Thank you for caring about the 🐕 and giving it a new life.”

One commented on YouTube:”I can’t even begin to understand the pain that poor fur baby went through! I am so glad you found him and gave him the medical attention he needed. I hope he never has to go hungry or experience such things again. He really is beautiful! He deserves to be loved in a forever home! God bless everyone that made his life better. You are the angels that walk this earth. 🙏❤🐕💞🐾”

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