Disabled puppy staggered in search of hope and the heartless of the owner

Filimon and his search for hope ignited in us the fire of the future, a bright future for him. A puppy with aspirations to be a normal puppy and we fought for it. And every day, that hope gets closer to us, a happy and warm future comes to Filimon.

👉 Rescuer: Natusya

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One commented: “Good rescue please make sure he recovers well, we all want to see him fully fit in due course, thank you for your kind heart and god bless you immensely! Just the same breed as mine !”

Another man said: “Your endless love to Filimon has been answered without doubts. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on him. This is amazing . I hope all of your dogs will live happily under your divine love and compassion”

Watch the video below:

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