Dog paralysed from car accident crying in the rain wait for help

You will be amazed at Tyson’s willpower and spirit as he overcomes the adversity of his life.

One commented:”The strength and acceptance of Tyson makes you realize how truly blessed we really are, thank you for caring and loving this precious animal!! Good luckšŸ€ to Tyson!! USA!!”

A YouTuber user commented:”Angel and Warriors! they keep love and loyalty real! some of those “animals” called the human species, gives the word Animals a bad reputations.”

One commented on YouTube:”Such a beautiful dog that finally found someone to love and care for himā€¦. These animals where given to us by God to be our companions to help us get thru our hard times – why wont more people do the same for them? God bless you for all you accomplished to to restore this dog to a happy quality of lifeā€¦ You will be rewarded in Heaven..”

Watch the video below:

Rescuer: Anya
Support at: CB 6390 0240 9040 776698

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