He came close to thank us for saving him from the person who tried to take his life

If you meet Cosmos in real life, you will definitely fall in love with this dog. This video is the life story of a dog named Cosmos, a courageous and positive dog.

No matter what happens, he always laughs and gets through and a happy, fun life is what he deserves.

A YouTuber user posted:”The work that your group does ,especially in the state of Russia gives me hope that over there there are people that care. I hope that you will continue to save these precious animals. I only knew of one other woman who was struggling to save these animals off the streets, she has very little help. Please continue to care I know that there are not a lot of groups, but outlining areas need to be covered or checked to. Please continue this caring service,”

One said:”Thank you Kotofei for saving Cosmo from any more suffering, keep saving and helping these precious animals, they deserve happiness and to be left alone from anymore harm, God bless🌟All of you for the wonderful work that you All do!! USA!”

A woman wrote:”The one who made this damage to this lovely dog should see this video, and he will then see the difference between good people and the bad. Thanks to the group of good people who have given their efforts in helping this lovely boy.”

Watch the video below:

👉 Rescuer: Kotofei
🤝 Support at Paypal:

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He had cancer and lay there waiting for a miracle after his owner passed away

He couldn’t walk, he looked at us like he knew he was going to be saved