He couldn’t walk, he looked at us like he knew he was going to be saved

You will see a story about the life of a magical dog named Momsik.

His spirit of not giving up will give all of us inspiration and invaluable lessons, no matter what the circumstances, not to give up even a glimmer of hope.

Momsik has won one step at a time and stepped into a better future.

One wrote on YouTube:”Look at him go now. He actually had a sparkle in his eyes. God bless u guys for everything u do for the neglected and defenceless. Ur true angels just like the babys u save and help.”

Another commented:”OMG your will and determination along with his is mind-blowing, and heart opening. When I saw him dragging his legs in the beginning, it just burst me into tears. Such a trial for an animal, thank you for your heart and persistence. Please Keep us updated.”

A YouTuber user said:”Momsik is a lucky boy to have such an amazing human looking out for him and with your love and caring he will walk again I am positive of this!!! Much respect to you and long happy life to Momsik …”

Watch the video below:

👉 Rescuer: Katerina
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He came close to thank us for saving him from the person who tried to take his life

She was hopelessly chained there with a gangrenous leg and miraculous journey.