He crawled in the ditch and tried to hide from us and the cause was heartbreaking

A woman called us about a dog in a ditch, his name was Ryzhik. At that time, the woman did not know what to do, so she called us for help,

Ryzhik was taken care of by us and the recovery process was long, although the results were not as expected, we are proud of him, we and he tried our best, together we will overcome the difficulties. difficult.

He came to live with me and started a new happy life, with a warm bed, toys, and kind new friends.

And that happy new life has only just begun.

A YouTuber user commented:”I can’t understand how anyone could abandon a loving dog like this. Thank you for rescuing him and giving him the life he deserves.”

One said:”How can someone with the ability to feel empathy, do this to another living creature? It seriously blows my mind how humans can be so sick in the head.”

A woman wrote:”I can’t express enough how fantastic you are for taking this dog in. I cried thru the entire video. I loved seeing him running around with his new wheelchair. You deserve a million dollars for what you’ve done for this dog!!!”

A commenter said:”God bless you for saving this most innocent of God’s creatures. I’m so angry that someone could shoot an innocent creature that merely wants to be loved. Thank you for saving this poor little fella and for being that warm loving person that he needed. God works his wonders through people just like you! πŸ‘”

Watch the video below:

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