He crawled up to us and begged for help, someone shot him

Eloy is a brave young man, we met him during a visit to a village. He was approaching us, he needed our help. Eloy always tries and tries every day, he has a dream, I can see that dream in his eyes. And that dream has come true, he has a happy home, he is loved and protected. One day not far he will run and jump in the morning sun and smile happily

One commented: “Thank You for helping sweet Eloy! God bless you for showing him love & kindness and for the family who adopted him thank you for taking dear Eloy : May you all continue to receive blessings in your life for all the good things you do “

Another said: “Thank you for saving this handsome boy. Thank you for those involved in his therapy, it was time consuming but your patience and comittmemt to him paid off! Sending prayers for continued recovery and lots of love “

Watch the video below:

👉 Rescue team: Naida Shelter

🤝 Support at:

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