He didn’t trust anyone and closes himself after being abandoned and having an accident

Mukha was found by us on the street, then both physically and mentally he was not well, he really needed help.

As time went on, he got stronger every day, besides our love and everyone’s for him, he gradually opened his heart and trusted people more.

The wheelchair is a gift he loves to receive, he can go anywhere he wants a gift that makes up for what he’s been through.

We always believe that what comes from the heart will reach the heart.

One commented:”Fortunately, many animals are rescued by animal lovers every year. Some animals are treated and recover, or are rescued from difficult situations and return to nature. Some animals disappear into the wild as if they are running away, while others show their gratitude to the humans who helped them before parting. They express their gratitude in a variety of ways, such as hugging and licking, but it is clear that the animals, who cannot communicate with humans, are trying their best to express their gratitude.”

A woman said:”What an amazing story. It never fails to amaze me that when these disabled dogs are hurt and looking for love that when they get it they convert to a normal dog with wheels. Who cares as long as the great people who care for these disabled dogs get credit and rewarded somehow. They are wonderful souls. There is so much work with a disabled dog or cat I know and the way they just embrace them is fantastic. THANK YOU”

Another said:”Absolutely agree that the owner could have tried to give him to someone who wants a dog. It would be wonderful if someday a way to repair spinal cord in dogs and other animals including humans can be found.”

Watch the video below:

👉 Rescue team: KAI Center, Kaluga
🤝 Support at Paypal: [email protected]

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