He didn’t understand why the owner did that to him when he loved unconditionally

We got a video of Rahmat, they said he needed help seeing him with sores on his face.

We were present and after seeing something unusual we did x-rays, he needed surgery afterward.

With the will and dedication of the doctors, he overcame the difficulties, we returned home and Rahmat started a new happy life. A life filled with joys only with the people he loves.

A YouTuber user posted:”

Wonder how the owner would feel if he gets sick when old and everybody abandon him. Crueeeeeeellll. Give him to somebody who cares or take him to a shelter.
Thank you for taking him in and treat him so that can be a happy doggo. Just look at him now clean healthy and happy. God bless”

One said:”No we thank you for your never ending energy and love you offer each and everyone of your rescues, furry baby’s! Without you and the many other rescues we the people would see nothing but a bleak world! Thank you again a million times. Love n Peace to you.Godbless”

A woman wrote:”So precious this dog is. I will never understand why evil people do these to innocent animals everyday. Evil owners will pay. Thanks for rescueing rescueing this dog and the treatment it needs to live a happy life again with a new family. Xoxo I love you.”

Watch the video below:

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