He hid there for days in trembling, helpless and pain, who did that to him

A woman found Casper in an abandoned house, he couldn’t walk at the time but he was always on guard, so she called us.

The x-ray results made us not believe our eyes, but we did not give up and always stood by Casper, we always believed that love could warm his heart.

And we did, those efforts paid off. Casper is healthy and happy again, he smiles more and opens his heart to everyone.

A happy new life begins with him.

One wrote on YouTube:”Many dogs come all the way to their owners and try to sleep with their bodies attached to their owners. This is not because they want you to do something for them, but because they feel safe around their beloved owners and want to be near their owners. Some dogs will discreetly take a position where they can see their owners from a little distance. Some will even climb on top of their owner’s legs or body, or go out of their way to position themselves in an inconvenient place. In particular, sleeping at the feet of their master shows trust and loyalty. When you see your dog sleeping curled up at your feet, you can’t help but love him. In some cases, it may be a sign that the dog is trying to protect you.”

A YouTuber user posted:”Omg such cruelty why would, anyone do that to this poor dog? Thanks to the woman who found him and u for rescuing him. Hope he recovers and has. A loving home to go to.”

One said:”thanks for saving casper. such a beautiful dog. whoever did this to him will pay a very high price. karma never leaves anyone. thanks again for caring and nuturing casper. god bless you all”

Watch the video below:

👉 Rescuer: Zooshiza Svetka
🤝 Support at:

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She cried and looked at me “why did him do this to me?” I could only wipe her tears

She lay on the roadside seeking help after the accident for days and eyes full of sadness