He laid there helpless to be gnawed by thousands of maggots and the owner ignored him

Alik was seen by a passerby, he lay there exhausted and they called us, his owner told us to bring him back.
And over the days, Alik gradually got healthy again, he is a positive and strong guy.
With each passing day, he became stronger and happier. He was adopted and well taken care of by us.

👉 Rescue team: miloserdie_khv
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One commented:”What a sweet boy Alik is thank you for saving him he would of died in that poor condition, thank God🕊he’s getting better and stronger with each passing day, good boy this dog is, good luck🍀 and the best for Aliks new journey, thank you, USA!!🙏😊💙🐾👍”

A woman wrote:”Wow! He was in really bad shape at the beginning! Glad you got him out of that situation! Good to see him recover! Wishing him a great life!”

Another said:”Well done for telling the authorities the owner’s cruelty. Thank you so much for rescuing him and taking care of him. Many thanks to the whole team”

Watch the video below:

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