He laid there in pain and helpless after the accident, the driver pulled him into that corner

Max was found by a kind woman lying on the street waiting for help, so we went there and took him away.

Experiencing many difficulties and treatment in the hospital, Max overcame them all thanks to his courage and great desire.

You will find in him a boundless love and faith for life. He enjoys this beautiful life to the fullest with the people he loves

A YouTuber user commented:”You are an amazing woman!!!! What you did for Max speaks volumes about your character. Max is in a good place now thanks to you. I wish him all the best in life alongside his guardian angel…”

One said:”Such a lovely dog, how did he get to that terrible situation ? Max must have been in agony from that broken spine, involving critical nerve links, for those early days — but a powerful desire to survive certainly helped his recovery with the necessary care & appreciation.”

A woman wrote:”What a sweet dog how could anyone leave that poor dog there to die. Agonizing in pain. The person who hurt him badly how dare they. Thank God for a person who saw him has a conscience and called for help. God bless you and all the people at the shelter that got him back to the best he could be.”

Watch the video below:

👉 Rescuer: Namikon
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