He tried to run away after being shot but couldn’t and laid there for days in vain

Viking was found by us on the side of the road in bad condition, we were racing against time to be able to help him.

Our journey lasted for many months, with Viking efforts and intrepidity, we overcame. Although he is not perfect, his love for us is perfect, it is his courage that has brought him to the edge of happiness.
A happy new home with the people who love him is a worthy result for him
👉 Rescue team: zevs_group_
🤝 Support at Palpay:

A man commented:”Now that’s a fitting name for a dog. Viking. After what he been through, he never gave up. I thank you and your team for saving him and God bless✝️❤️🙂!”

Another said:”Poor little baby, I cried my eyes out, how can people be so mean? I am so glad he had you, may GOD bless you for taking good care of him and loving him”

A commenter said:”Oh beautiful baby. You are loved and I love you. I’m so sorry someone did this to you but not all people are evil. Love and continued healing and praying for your long happy life beautiful brave sweet strong angel Viking x”

Watch the video below:

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