He was found in a dump with a tumor on his back and the truth behind

A garbage worker saw Olymp, they called us when they saw something wrong with him. We were there to take him to the vet and we couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw the x-ray results.
Olymp was brave, he changed his life for the better, we always believe that love and care can change someone’s fate and Olymp is the proof. proof of that.

👉 Rescuer: Sofia Fomicheva
🤝 Support at PayPal: [email protected]

A woman said:”First I thank Olymp’s rescuer Sofia for finding him in the dump, thank you for not giving up on him, now it will be a new life for him, thank you everyone, USA!!🙏”

Another replied:”How can someone leave a dog lying around like that? What level of cruelty does the person have to let this happen? thank god you are angels and heroes. the dog is beautiful and alive thank god. Thank you for save Olympys”

A commenter said:”Thank you Olivia for helping the kid he is sooo cute hope he is fit and fine and soon finds forever home with good people around him stay blessed”

Watch the video below:

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