Heartbreaking story of a three-legged mother dog and 5 puppies and a touching ending

Frida is the mother dog that each of us when watching her life feel touched. She is a brave mother dog who, under any circumstances, takes good care of her pups, and in the end, her dedication has resulted in a beautiful life for the puppies and the whole family. her life.

One wrote on YouTube:”Again you have opened your hearts to help yet another animal in desperate situation. Your org. is outstanding. I thank you all for your kindness and caring. Again, more animals are saved. Thank you.”

One commented:”It’s so impressing what animals are able to do like running with 3 legs, that they trust humans again after all they were going through…
Her eyes were so unsafe and anxious in the beginning but she learned that humans could be good…
Thanks to everybody who save and respect animals and treat them with love and care they all deserve”

A commenter said:”It is not fair to take the puppies from the mother without any chance for her to say goodbye. It looks to me as if she was not avoiding people but looking for her puppies and sad because she was not with them. There are antibiotics which are not excreted in the milk (I am an infectologist veterinarian) so it is no use to separate mom and children. And her recovery would be much better with the puppies by her side. Think it was a very cruel and disastrous way the veterinarians took and upsets me a lot all the unnecessary early losses this poor mom had at the same time (her leg and ALL of her children). No wonder she got depressed in the begging – and depression lows the immunologic response what can be very dangerous for an animal recovering from necrosis. She is lucky for being alive.”

Watch the video below:

👉 Rescuer: Zooshiza Katya
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