Heartbroken knowing the suffering the puppy has to endure.

Mayla is a wonderful puppy, I will never forget about a sweet girl with beautiful eyes. Her courage and bravery will be what inspires us all.

There, be at peace, Mayla.

A YouTuber user commented:”Rest in peace Mayla…. Really you were a brave girl who faced so many pains…. But your strength would always be an example for everyone who want to live…. You are in our memory sweet Mayla forever….”

One commented on YouTube:”What a save just unbelievable to go all out for this lonely dog, it goes to show the love of an animal holds no bound to undertake the rescue tasks , many thanks for your great dedication to bring her back to normality , god bless you all for eternal happiness!”

One said:”So heartbroken to hear it has past away but knowing it was loved by so many RIP sleeping beauty”

Watch the video below:

Rescuer: helpanimalkmv
Support at:

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There were many foreign objects in his stomach, a bullet in his spine. What happened to him?

What if he was left there after being hit by a car and broke his back?