Heartbroken over puppy being shot and his loyalty to humans

Pirozhka is an unlucky puppy, brought back from a remote village.

There was no modern equipment to diagnose the boy.

And the story of the boy’s life will surprise us all, with love, loyalty, and positivity, the boy has enjoyed a life worth living step by step, every day that passes with him is a blessing full of meaning.

One commented:”You are wonderful people to take on such a hard task in their injuries. To give life to those who’s lives were trashed and thrown away by others along the way. You are amazing hearted people…. Keep being the wonderful hearts you are in all you do…..”

A man wrote:”I can’t even watch this without wishing the worst possible death to the sadistic person who did this to this precious puppy. Prayers for all abused animals and to the people who help them.”

Another said:”Poor sweet doggo! So many sadistic psychopaths are able to avoid punishment because the laws are so lax. Until the law sees other animals as much more than mere property, this will continue.”

Watch the video below:

👉 Rescuer: Larissa
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Because of the appearance, the puppy was shunned wherever he went and he didn’t know why

He laid there in pain and loneliness under the freezing weather for days waiting for help