Her eyes contain sadness and suspicion after what her owner did to her leg

We got a call about the dog Tara, she walked around the village on three legs, took three days to find her and that’s where our story begins.

It’s been a long and hard journey to help her recover and more importantly to make her happy again. Our efforts were not in vain, she is healthy again, happier has more friends and more importantly, she has a home of her own.

One said:”I cannot believe that dog could withstand the pain that was inflicted because of someone inflicting damage, so happy that she is happy walking on all 4 legs.”

A woman wrote:”Dogs give unconditional, unrestricted love. Dogs don’t care if their owners are bad people, rich or poor, or if the house is a mansion or an apartment. Dogs are always happy to see you home, and you too will be comforted and cheered up by knowing that every time you come home they will be at the door to welcome you.”

Another replied:”Poor dog ..people are just so cruel to animals..thank you for making the difrence and helping out this beautiful a chance to hve a good life.”

A commenter said:”OH my godness I am so happy when I see the marvelous people like you helping sad,abandoned and Hurt dogs.I hope with all my heart the best for all of you and God bless.”

Watch the video below:

👉 Rescuer: Valeria
🤝 Support at Apple Visa: 4276.3802.7772.3537

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