How can a seriously injured puppy survive in the middle of a deserted highway?

Banhar was found in a toilet next to a deserted highway, with no people around.

She was badly injured but it seems that God has protected her so that she continues to live strong and resilient.

After all, she’s been through, she’s got a home and new friends, she deserves all that good.

One wrote on YouTube:”

Awww…..what a beautiful sweet girl! How could people just walk by and do nothing? I will never understand people and their cruelty.
Thank goodness you found her and can give her the care she needs. She deserves to be taken care of and loved! 💞”

Another commented:”I do not understand how someone can run over an animal, I understand that not voluntarily, and is capable of leaving it without giving help, this says a lot about the society in which we live”

A YouTuber user said:”She is a sad case and that someone, a monster could do that to a puppy. I’m so glad that All of you are helping Banhar, she is safe and getting the treatment she needs, I wish luck🍀and faith🌟 for her, thank you All of you for everything, God bless You USA!!”

Watch the video below:

👉 Rescuer: Irina Moskva
🤝 Support at: Paypal –

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