I am amazed that an untrained stray dog is so intelligent and the journey to find happiness.

Cole is a street dog but very intelligent, I was amazed at his intelligence.

A homeless dog but what he shows is completely different, it will surprise you.

One wrote on YouTube:”What a sweet, sweet dog. Pretty sure he used to have an owner, who treated him well, though. Maybe some old folks who passed, and the new folks just abandoned him. Anyway, God bless for helping him find a new home, and regain health and happiness! ❤️❤️❤️”

Another commented:”What a smart little guy he’s such a cutie pie thank God for you guys being there to rescue him clean them up take care of him showing the love that he needs is time for a big change for him thank you guys and God bless you God bless him”

A YouTuber user said:”I once picked a street dog up to keep it from going to the shelter knowing this dog would be put to death. My wife and I fell in love with this sweet lady. She was extremely smart! She is gone now due to old age and a piece of our heart is gone as well.”

Watch the video below:

Rescuer: Zooshiza Katya

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He was found exhausted on the street, we were shocked with the X-ray results.

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