I burst into tears when I found out what his owner did to him

Taco was found by hikers in the woods, his condition was not good. They reached out to us to help him and continue their journey, and our story and Taco began. Taco is a great dog, he deserves a good life after all that happened. I have always believed that, when we give, we receive, we give love and receive it in return from the wonderful dog, Taco.

One wrote on Youtube: “I can never understand how anyone can inflict such horrendous cruelty and abuse on an innocent defenceless animal. Just looking at him and his injuries makes me cry. Thank you all involved in saving and rescuing him. God bless you all. ❤️”

Another said: “God Bless you again! You rescued him and now he will know what love, kindness, cuddles, hugs, and kisses are. Most importantly he now has his very own home 🏡 a home of his own and his very own family who cares for him, and a place to sleep peaceful and protected. 🤗😍😘”

“Thats just inhuman! How cruel, karma would do the same to whoever did this but 100 fold worse. Toco is a brave warrior! God bless you abundantly Toco and you angel for protecting and caring and showing him love.”

Watch video down below:

👉 Rescue team: Naida Shelter

🤝 Support at:

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