I burst into tears when I met him and learned about the sad story he went through

Chichik is an unlucky dog that was sent to us, he had jaw problems and after knowing the cause, we cried because we loved him.
But his mental strength and bravery have helped Chichik overcome difficulties, helping him to survive and be healthier and happier every day.
He gave us more faith in love and energy. It will help us overcome adversity to reach the shore of happiness.

👉 Rescuer: Natusya
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A man said: “I. Can’t comprehend the level of cruelty that this little angel had to endure. Thank you for your care.”

A commenter said:”Wonderful story like all God bless the doctors, rescuers, volunteers and all the animals for changing their destiny and giving them the opportunity to find a beautiful family”

Watch the video below:

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