I burst into tears when I saw him, I hugged him and ran against time

Miko waited for days for help, fortunately, a nice driver saw him and called us.
Many days passed but fortunately, he was still able to follow us to the hospital.
Miko is incredibly smart and his recovery was miraculous, the doctors were amazed at his quick recovery, I think it was love and care that created the miracles.
And we returned home to start a new beautiful life together.

👉 Rescuer: Masha and Katya
🤝 Support at:

One wrote on YouTube: “Sending prayers for continued healing Mike. Thank you vets and all caregivers for helping him.🙏”

A commenter said: “Wishing him a speedy recovery and a loving home.”

Another replied: “Watching this with my dog beside me. Thank you for saving him and showing him what love and joy is”

Watch the video below:

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She was always on guard for us and the tearful rescue journey

I cried with him in the car, he was just an innocent puppy that had to suffer