I held Dunya in my arms with a heavy heart, at all costs I need to save this girl’s life.

From Animals Shelter in Mozhaisk

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Dunya was in a car accident, I didn’t think she was so traumatized until I saw the X-rays.

She is always sad after trauma, but with her energy and spirit, she has found joy in life.

A man wrote:”Wonderful rescue story of a poor dog suffering in silence . All she needed was a warm home , love and looking after . You are providing all that for the dog , in return you will get love , joy and happiness from the dog .
Thank you for saving her and giving her a chance to live happily .
God bless you . 🙏🧚🌹”

A YouTuber user posted:”Thank you very much for helping and taking so good care of this cute, adorable and beautiful dog Dynia and for her treatment. I am so happy that she already recovered so well. Send love, kisses and healing prayers to sweet Dynia for her further recovery and wish her all the best, all the luck and all the love she deserves and a wonderful, healthy and happy life full with joy and love in a lovely forever home. God bless you, all the helpers, sweet Dynia and all the animals “

A commenter said:”Truly, I would have done the same to Dunya. My family and i rescued 2 beautiful furry girls. I share the pain and anxiousness, waiting somewhat impatiently to see improvement. Oh what a joy indeedto see her walk and run again. God bless all animal rescuers round the world.”

Watch the video below:

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