Injured puppy lying on the freezing ground waiting to die in loneliness.

We found a puppy named Monty in a bad condition. It was a puppy with beautiful eyes but a lot of sadness inside.

As time passed, love and optimism helped Monty through everything, he became happier, happier and more importantly, he got healthier every day.

We believe that one day he will be able to run and jump normally in happiness.

A man commented:”The never ending evil in this world towards innocent animals just does not end. But the greatness in those who are determined to help, love and care is seen in this rescue group, as always THANK YOU!!!”

Another replied:”What a precious, beautiful boy. If he had bruises all over his body, some evil human (if you can call them human) had to have beaten him. Karma at its worst is needed for that evil, evil, inhumane human. God bless this poor little boy and all of those who are caring for him. He deserves life at its finest and all.of the love you can give him.”

A commenter said:”The question of “why should a puppy suffer such pain?”, is a great question, the one question to follow that is “why would any human do something like that to this poor puppy?” Thank you for being such a wonderful rescuer of animals.”

Watch the video below:

👉 Rescuer: Liza
🤝 Support at Paypal: [email protected]

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