Little girl saves her family from house fire when she feels something is “burning”

Well, this is every parent’s worst nightmare.

6-year-old Madalyn Karlbon, or Madi, was fast asleep in her home in Avenel, New Jersey. It all seemed to be a regular, peaceful night until it took an awfully wrong turn in just a matter of seconds.

Along with Madalyn, her 2-year-old brother, Hunter, was also fast asleep. Her father, Jimmy, was sleeping upstairs while her mother had passed out on the couch.

Around 2 a.m., when they were least expecting it, something changed. Madalyn suddenly woke up due to a burning sensation in both her eyes and her throat.

Then, the smoke detector alarm went off. But only Madalyn heard.

By the time this all began to happen, Madalyn could barely see anything. The entire upstairs floor was filled to the brim with thick smoke. Everyone was sleeping.

There was no way Madi could get her mother awake since she was downstairs, but she managed to get her father, who then got Madi and her brother out of the house. After that, he went back in to get their mother.

In the end, everyone was luckily safe, but their belongings were all gone. Additionally, there was smoke and water damage on the first floor and smoke damage on the second floor, making the home unliveable. The family had to post up in a nearby hotel after the incident.

It seems like Madi takes after her father too, who is an Ex-Chief at the local fire department.

The Avenel Fire Department took to their Facebook page to praise Madi for her seriously heroic capabilities:

“This morning at approximately 0217 hours, the Avenel Fire Department was dispatched for a residential structure fire. Saddened to find out, that the home belonged to one of our own, Ex-Chief Jimmy Karlbon,” they wrote.

“He, his two kids (Madalyn-6 years old and Hunter-2 years old) and their mother all thankfully made it safely out of the house, but lost almost all of their belongings inside.”

They went on to say:

“To say all of us here at the Avenel Fire Department are so proud of you is an understatement … Way to go Madalyn. You’re indeed a hero!!!”

The fire started in the kitchen, according to USA Today, who reported the “accidental” fire “appears to have started at the kitchen stove during a cooking process before everyone in the home fell asleep.” This also means that most of the fire damage was mostly in the kitchen.

What makes this even crazier is just three months before the horrible accident, Madi learned all about fire safety in school. Needless to say, she really put her newfound knowledge to the test!

While it is not ideal that this family had to lose their home and go through such a traumatic event, it is amazing to see a 6-year-old girl be praised as a hero. If it wasn’t for Madi, we’re not sure how this story would have ended.

It just goes to show that it doesn’t matter how young or old you are — you can always trust your intuition.

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