Little’s eyes contained too much pain, physical and mental pain.

I’m sure you’ll cry like me when you see the same fate as Little a 3-month-old puppy.

Although she is a few months old, she has been through a lot of pain, having undergone three jaw surgeries.

Friendship and love brought her back, a beautiful and happy life awaits her.

A woman wrote:”My God what kind of world are we living in?? Precious your safe now!! Thank you for her safety and care, love her unconditionally!! USA!!💔”

Another replied:”the perfect world is the world with much less humans, but thanx for some of this Warrior Class people, they keep Love & Loyalty real! just dont get too much hope on so called “humanity” , its overrated way way too high!”

One said on YouTube:”Why are people do this omg it’s a living breathing pet to cherish and love not to be abused ! My God what have people done to this baby you have ripped my heart out to the people who saved a million thank yous is not enough God bless you both to the idiot who did this may karma get you a million times over ! Worse!”

Watch the video below:

Rescuer: Ana Avchuk
Support at: 80299975525 МТС

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