Man Reunites With The Baby He Rescued In The Woods 58 Years Ago

When Dave found the baby girl in the woods, she was cold, wet, and all alone. Decades later, he finally had the chance to see her face again.

An emotional reunion is something that we can all relate to. Most reunions are between loved ones that we haven’t seen in a long time, but that isn’t always the case! A wonderful reunion between a man and a baby he saved was recorded – only this reunion happened 58 years later.

On September 22nd, 1955, Dave Hickman was hunting in the woods when he heard a strange noise.

Hickman was out in the woods on this particular day in 1955, hunting with his grandfather. As any hunter knows, part of the job is to have your senses tuned in order to hear anything that could be what you are looking for. As Hickman sat, he began to hear something that clearly wasn’t an animal they were hoping to find.

As Hickman describes it, the sound was that of a soft cooing. It was very unusual to hear while alone in the woods.

Heading towards the noise, he began searching. As he neared a fence, he cleared it and looked down, totally shocked. Down on the ground was a little baby girl. Her lips were blue from the cold and she was soaked through with only a small towel wrapped around her.

Hickman and his grandpa brought the little girl to the nearest hospital where she was treated and given a name.

Soon, Roseann Wayne was healthy and healed. It was truly a miracle that someone was around to save such a little life. As was bound to happen, Hickman soon got a call that she was going to be adopted the following week. For one last time, he got to hold the little girl whose life he saved before she went on to be with her own family.

Although he was able to say goodbye, Dave Hickman was determined to see her again, even if it took 58 years.

In December of 2013, he made one last attempt to find the girl. Reaching out to a local county sheriff named John Catey, he asked if there was a way to find the girl. Only two weeks later, Catey called up Hickman and told him to get a pen and paper ready.

The name he was given was Mary Ellen Suey and apparently, this was the girl he had rescued all those years ago.

Mary was renamed when she was adopted and had lived a wonderful life. Still, she had always wondered about her history and knew that a man had saved her when she was a child, only she referred to him as her “hero here on earth” since she didn’t know his name!

In a wonderfully beautiful moment, the two were able to meet.

“It was almost like I had known Dave for years,” Mary told CBS News.

Over half a century later, the two finally met again. The moment was tear-filled (especially on Hickman’s end) and emotional. All those years later, Dave Hickman was able to present the woman with a bouquet of flowers and a small speech he had prepared. Not all stories have such a happy ending, but we sure are glad that this one does!

Make sure you check out the video below to see the reunion for yourself!

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