Paralyzed puppy dragging on the street timidly looking for help

Venya is a puppy who was found on the street by a kind man while he was looking for help.

At first, when he first met us, he was still a stranger to us, but each day that passed, that trust was built up by the love and trust between us.

As time goes by he becomes healthier every day and especially he is a positive and funny dog, he always brings joy to those around him. Even more wonderful when he has found his own home with a kind owner.

He is loved, cared for, and protected for the rest of his life.

A woman wrote:”Its so heartbreaking seeing this poor little one so helpless but it seems he’s happy to adapt on the wheelchair I am happy to see him in good company with other dogs of his kind and loved for ever”

Another said:”Awwww…He is Soo Adorable, and I Am Happy to Learn that He Was Adopted. Thank you for taking care of Sooo Many Helpless Dogs!!! Every Rescue Pet, especially the Shelter Pets, Deserve a Home with A Loving Family. I Care for Many Feral Cats and Other Animals, on a Daily Basis. Caring for others is Soo Rewarding to My Soul. It can be Expensive, (because I feed Many) but I Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way. It Breaks my Heart to Hear of Places where the Stray Animals are Rampant and No One Stops to Help Them. They are ignored by society. They Say “It Takes A Village ” to Raise a Child, well How about Taking a Village to Help These Stray Animals that Go Completely Ignored. To all the Animal Lovers Out There, if You See An Animal that is In Need of Human Support, please stop to Help Them…We Can’t Assume that Someone Else Will Do It. Thank You and God Bless!!!!”

A commenter said:”Thanks a lot for help and save Venya,it’s great to see the recovery and transformation of him,now this beautiful and friendly dog is safe and healthy and he have a happy life with kind family who love and care him.”

Watch the video below:

👉 Rescuer: elena_okyaltirak
🤝 Support at PayPal: [email protected]

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