She dragged on the road asking for help in pain and a heartwarming ending

Irma’s journey will make each and every one of us more confident in love, faith, and courage when we finish watching.

She was found on the street by a kind man, and after a long flight to Moscow, we were with her to overcome difficulties step by step.

She was finally happy, happy again. She can go wherever she wants and more importantly, she will have a home of her own where it will be filled with love.

One wrote on YouTube:”I’ll never get over the admiration and amazement I feel for the folks who do these rescue missions. It takes so much effort and dedication. These are the people who give me the most hope for this often crazy world. Thank you thank you.”

A YouTuber user posted:”She’s a pretty little girl, calm and sweet. She got through all her procedures so well. And she adjusted to her wheels so wonderfully!!! Thank you all for getting her back to health and happiness, and also for taking her into you care until she finds her forever home. I wish her the best life–Always”

One said:”Thank you for posting your video 🐱. The key is loving touch, compassion, and caring for them with all your heart. Dogs love to be cared for more than anything else. So, if you can make them feel safe and secure without making them feel lonely, you will be able to build an unshakable bond of trust. I hope that you will find your own ways to deepen the trust and bond between you and your dog so that he will not feel sad.”

Watch the video below:

👉 Rescuer: elena_okyaltirak
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