She hadn’t been outside for years and treated poorly due to a strange illness

Taya is a dog sent to us by the owner, she has not been outside for many years.

She often goes in circles and some other problems, but thanks to the help of the doctors and her courage. She has rediscovered her love for life, people, and nature.

All of which gives her a more meaningful life.

One wrote on YouTube:”THANK YOU FOR RESCUING HER. She is gorgeous and I really don’t understand why her owner treated her so bad. He doesn’t deserve to ever own another animal. I would love an update on Taya when she finds a forever home. She deserves to be loved and protected the rest of her life!”

A YouTuber user commented:”What a shame and the owner was cruel not to get the help she needed, thank you Everyone for saving her from that terrible life now she is safe and your All caring for Taya, I want to see her go outside since she hasn’t been outside for years, your wonderful people to care the way that All of you do, thank you again with Blessings🌟to All of you, USA!!”

One said:”Awww….. such a sweet Yorkie! I love Yorkies! I felt so bad seeing this sweet angel at the beginning. I hope she now has a happier life with a forever family. Thank you for rescuing her and making sure she will be ok! God bless!”

Watch the video below:

👉 Rescuer: elena_okyaltirak
🤝 Support at PayPal: [email protected]

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