She laid there helpless and in pain for two days, watching her puppies gone

Asya is a strong dog and her story will show you how she overcame adversity and difficulties.

She turned her sadness into strength and she did, she recovered every day, finding joy in life again.

Happiness heals wounds and I will take care of her and protect her, her smile is my happiness.

A YouTuber user commented:”So sad that she couldn’t get to her babies being hurt and in pain for 2 days what’s wrong with humanity today, some people are so cold, hearing her this way and doing nothing to help, , thank you Animal Shelters for saving this precious mom, good luck to her!!”

One said:”You are such a great lady to have helped this sweet little mother overcome her troubles. I wish you both all the best in life. To her poor innocent puppies, RIP”

A woman wrote:”Asya, she did it! She did it! so happy that the Animals Shelters rescuers tried their best to help Asya to walk again. U r angels for Asya!!! and for human people, not monster people.”

A commenter said:”Oh wow, she is so cute! There will probably never be an answer to the question of why people find it funny to torment such a sweet little dog. I suspect that these people don’t know the reason themselves, they just don’t think about what the consequences of their actions are. This is actually the worst quality of human beings: thoughtlessness …”

Watch the video below:

👉 Rescuer: Vladikavkaz
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