She tried to run away but on the way she met with misfortune, she dropped her head crying

Athena ran away but on the way, she met with misfortune.

We were there to help her, the journey took almost a year and during that time I got to know her better.

A smart, beautiful, and brave girl. She was always thinking positively to get through the tough times, and then our efforts paid off. She returned home with me to welcome a new and better future.

One commented:”She is such a beautiful, gentle, trusting girl. How could anyone do such a cruel thing to her? I watch her now with the wonderful woman who saved and my heart dances with joy. Thank you so much for sharing and much joy and blessings to you both.”

A woman wrote:”this is such an emotional story, I am so glad and happy she survived that ordeal, my god that poor soul was really treated so unfair by life and then came this fantastic woman in her life and she took her in care and love healed all her wounds and now like a new flower flourish in the sun Athena came back to the happy loving world with a fantastic human who will be there forever”

Another said:”

What a Beautiful girl!

thank you for keeping her and please give her a beautiful life of love and never let her go. I don’t understand why anyone would shoot any dog. I believe a person who can hurt an innocent animal, what would they do to people when they are angry!”

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