She tried to sit up when she saw me, dried tears still in the corners of her eyes

Tanya and her story will give you more faith in love and miracles.
When we met her and towards the end of the journey, it was through love and care that changed her in a positive way. From a dog lying in wait for help, scared of the crowd has turned into a beautiful and confident dog.
Tanya is the result of those miracles.

👉 Rescue team: Naida Shelter
🤝 Support at:

A YouTuber user commented:”You are angels sent from heaven above! Thanks a million for saving this sweetie! May you rescue more like her. God bless you richly”

One said:”Thank you and Bless you for saving and loving her and all the animals you’ve rescued and cared for. I watch your videos every day. They give me joy to see these babies healthy and happy. I send prayers and Reiki to them and you”

A man wrote:”She’s a lovely little dog. Wonder how she ended up in the condition she was in and why she was on her own when found? Not the type of dog you’d throw away but there are mean people out there. I am happy she fell on her feet, so to speak, and found a wonderful new owner who wants nothing but the best for her. She will have a great life now.”

Watch the video below:

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