She was about to become a mother when someone shot her and heartwarming ending

The story of Tasya and the puppies will give you more faith in love and the magic of motherhood.
When we brought Tasya to the hospital, we found out that she was pregnant, and soon 5 little angels were born.
They all grew up healthy and found their home in turn, Tasya then resumed her journey of recovery, she is a brave dog and a wonderful mother dog. Her story will inspire you

👉 Rescuer: Maria Valerievna
🤝 Support at Paypal: [email protected]

A YouTuber user commented:”Great job thanks so much, you’re the greatest rescuer to have come for this dog and brings her up ! God bless your kind spirit !”

One said:”What a brave Mamma. Can you imagine the pain that she had to endure and carry on till her babies were born. The sadist that did this to her, is vile and cruel no feelings for these wonderful babies that God created. How dick is that. Thanjs guys for your relentless efforts to save these abimals. Gid bless”

A man wrote:”At 4:25 I was so happy Tashya can move her hind legs. Thank you rescuer and caregivers! You work so hard to help her. Osmi looks like her mom.😄Hopefully, Mom won’t need the wheelchair anymore.”

Watch the video below:

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