She was hopelessly chained there with a gangrenous leg and miraculous journey.

Birmar is a beautiful dog, but her life is completely changed when she has a heartless owner.

Her life has completely changed thanks to her love and efforts and ours.

Years of happiness, care and protection have appeared in her life.

She deserves the best in this world.

Another commented:”She is so beautiful! Her smile is adorable! She deserves all the good things: a kind ” mother”, a warm ver, a good good ,many and many kisses, huges and belly rubs. God bless her with a long life with health and happiness”

A YouTuber user said:”Thank you for rescuing such a beautiful big girl! What an incredible transformation! To go from total neglect and disregard, to loving arms, you are all responsible and incredible”

One commented:”Omg sooo sad I wish her all the prayers in the world no animal deserves such abuse she will be okay god loves all animals god looks out for all these animals please find her a safe forever home make sure they love her always amen good luck baby girl”

Watch the video below:

👉 Rescue team: Dogspace
🤝 Support at Paypal: [email protected]

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He couldn’t walk, he looked at us like he knew he was going to be saved

The dog was left in sadness and loneliness after the owner learned she was sick